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Adult League

“Football eh? Bloody Football” said the great man Sir Alex. Watch it on the telly, Go to the match,

200k a week!! I could have scored that. How often have you heard that shout?

Why not come down to the Alexandra Soccer Centre and show how it’s done.

Exercise, comradely, fun, sweat, anguish, elation, last ditch tackle, match winning save, winning goal, whatever the emotion you feel, feel it for real, not through a television screen. Feel it, Do it, Live it

£3.15 for 28 minutes of action, eleven and a quarter pence a minute for a lifetime of stories.

What are you waiting for

Adult Leagues run every Sunday, Monday and Wednesday

Sunday 2 divisions first kick off 6.15 pm last kick off 8.15 pm

Monday 2 divisions first kick off 7.15 pm last kick off 8.15 pm

Wednesday 2 divisions first kick off 8 pm last kick off 9.30 pm


Tickets to a Crewe Alexandra match of your choice, medals presented on the pitch by a current Crewe Alexandra player and your team photo in that match day program.

Adult League Winners at the Alex on Presentation Day