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Pitch Hire

The soccer centre has four pitches available fro hire, as well as one dedicated goalkeeping practice areas.


£26 u16 £32 16 plus pitch 1,2,3 (per hour)

£24 u16 £30 16 plus for pitch 4,5 hire (per hour)


For pitch bookings and availability, please call us at the Soccer Centre on 01270 216682 or fill out form from link below

Take in to Melvin Bates to confirme booking


  • Payment by cash or cheque due before playing.
  • All players must wear shinpads and astroturf trainers Football Boots or Blades but NO metal studs.

Click on page to down load Pitch hire Registation Form


Agreement of Pitch Hire

Partnership Condition

  • The Alexandra Soccer Centre do hereby provide you with one pitch hire , which will be set out in quarters with one pair of goals, one at each end of the pitch hire area. These goals will be weighted down as per BSEN 748 regulations. You as the client do agree to pay the appropriate rate either as a ‘block booking’ or on a weekly basis. Cancellation of any pitch hire booking requires 48 hours notice to the Office Manager only. Failure to adhere to this condition requires this pitch cancellation to be paid in full on your next visit.

Liabilities of the Respective Parties

  • The Alexandra Soccer Centre shall not be liable for any accident, damage or injury that may occur to, or to any property of, any person, Club or Organisation using the facilities,or for any loss of property sustained by any such person, Club or Organisation using the facilities except and to the extent that it may arise out of the act, default or negligence of the Alexandra Soccer Centre.  Except, as aforesaid, any such person, Club or Organisation using the facilities is deemed thereby to indemnify the Alexandra Soccer Centre against all claims whatsoever which may be made in respect of any such accident, damage, injury or loss.

Responsibility for Supervision

  • Where Clubs or Organisations hire or use the facilities, they must make suitable provision for the proper supervision of their event, and persons, Clubs and Organisations must take all precautions necessary to ensure that there is no danger, inconvenience or annoyance to other users or members of the public.

Termination of Hire by the Alexandra Soccer Centre


  • The Alexandra Soccer Centre reserves the right to refuse bookings, and without notice, to terminate or temporarily suspend the use of any facilities hired if in the opinion of the Soccer Centre manager in charge of such facilities they are unfit or not available for play, or are required for any other purpose.