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In-School Coaching

Whenever Crewe Alexandra Football in the Community organise an After-School Coaching Club at a school, we are also able to organise and deliver In-School coaching sessions on the same day.

Normally after lunch, our coaching staff take a class for an hour and deliver a fun based coaching session. This is FREE OF CHARGE! 

In-School Coaching

It may be that we coach the same class every week or the school may decide to allow a different class to take part each week.

All our sessions have been specifically designed to fit into the National Curriculum and can be adapted to suit various ages and abilities. In all our school coaching sessions we encourage important aspects such as team play, good sportsmanship, warm-ups, cool downs etc.

For more information on our In-School coaching sessions, please contact myself at the Soccer Centre on 01270 216682.

Aidan Callan – Crewe Alexandra F.I.T.C Schools Co-Ordinator